do not get the epi

EDIT: if you find thehumanity lurking some thread, his sig has good advice on such a matter. I'd consider springing for the Squire VM series if I were you, however I started with the affinity pack and it was dece. I still use the little amp for lugging to peoples' houses to jam
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Definitely option #1.
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get a real bass and an amp and a cable. squiers all suck and low end, cheap epiphones suck. so id recommend a quality bass. my bass is an epiphone. so take my word for it, get a good one
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i started with the squier pack. good bass for the price. amp isn't too good but you arent going to get a good amp from a pack and if you're just starting it will work fine. i still play my squier p bass occasionally.
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Ibanez pack ftw!

the quality control is going to be much better with the ibanez than the squier. Your chance of a lemon will be much less. And it will be more versatile because it has P/J configuration.
option humanity of course.

buy it seperately. throw a nice cord and cheap gig bag of course.
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i like my epi but i had to try 5 diffrent ones in the shop from their stock room before i found one i could really stick with.Its not the most versatile of instruments but i like it everyone's diffrent really and if your not used to playing the neck dive can annoy and frustrate a little to begin with.

Its not good for the more advanced techniques due to a limited lower fret access but the only song i ever play down there is For whom the bell tolls and the finishing part of burn baby burn which is played on a Thunderbird live :P But with the epi you need to literally find a diamond in the rough.( i did get an Aria IGB 35 as my first bass off a mate for £50 so meh i have 2 wildly diffrent guitars LOL) But its pickups are really bassy and takes a lot of EQ'ing to get it sounding really good my next thing is run a disto cause i love playing Pantera and Rammstein on it.But for indie type music its not good if your playing hard rock/metal its a good axe for the cash as long as you put up with its flaws.

But a good starter guitar is the Ibanez GSR200 try and find packs with them if that fail's get it all seperate works out more expensive but its a much better rig.
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To be honest they are both ****.

If you had to, the Squier though.

Now, minor threadjack, I don't know which would be better, Ibanez GSR200, or the Peavey Millenium 4 BXP...
I'm going to say that a pack is a good choice. If you turn out to not like playing bass, you're not out that much money. If you do like it, you can always upgrade.

Also, one thing I always recommend to beginners, go to the store, try out a few you're thinking of buying, see what you like best (feel is most important IMO. Sense of good tone is something that develops over time, but you can still keep an ear out for it. Looks are generally unimportant)

Squier and Ibanez are brands I would look for. I would avoid Epiphone at all costs (I've played quite a few of them in stores, all of them felt and/or sounded horrible)
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