Hey I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul Traditional in a Fender Roc Pro 1000 combo. I need a new tube and currently I have a Groove Tube 12ax7a. I was wondering if spending the extra money in something like a RCA or something is worth it or just replace it with a new Groove Tube. It only lasted about 4 months then I started getting huge booming noises. Any suggestions?
ZoSO rocks!
Yeah I prefer JJs over Groove Tubes as well.

I'm not sure what's the best tube for that amp though - I sort of consider JJs to be a good standard default tube.
Nice amp man, I always thought the roc-pro was very underrated

I wouldnt spend an insane amount on a tube for it, I would just get another 12ax7 maybe a different style one and brand for sure

JJ's are a good place to start, tung-sol also makes a great tube