I play a Dean Dimebag Razorback , and a Schecter C-1. I play a lot of Killswitch Engage , Children of Bodom , In Flames , and All That Remains. I also play a lot of classic rock as well. My price range is around $1200(give or take a few hundred). What would the UG community recommend?
Are you gigging?
Combo or Halfstack?

Peavey 5150/6505
Marshall JCM800 2203 KFK Signature... if you could find one used.
Krank Rev Jr. Pro


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I've got a KRANK REV JR PRO 50watt. You can't go wrong with this amp. It sounds f*****ing axesome!
6505+ head and cab would be the best choice here. If you're going for the metalcore/melodeath sound, you'll get it no prob with this amp.
I have a Rev Jr. Standard and I can safely say you won't do metal that well with it if you don't have some extra distortion or overdrive. Though I hear the Pro has more gain on tap than the Standard, so that might work for you. It'll easily do classic rock to hard rock though, IMO it's better suited for that than metal.