Hey guys, just puchaced a ToneLab LE for £150 from the 'bay (bargain) because the tube had blown. Was just wondering whether or not you think different tubes would change the sound of the pedal at all and if so, a good sudjestion of a tube?

Been wondering whether or not to try this if I ever got one of these, but with the blown tube, I spose nows a good time to try.

Thanks in advance.


Runs of a 12AX7 Preamp tube, could I... Rebias a pedal?

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Check out this link , a Tonelab blog, this will take you to search results for the word 'tube'.

Others have messed around with different tubes in the Tonelabs, in my SE I gave it a fresh Electro Harmonix, but it already had one in there when I picked it up used, so it didn't sound much different, other than the old tube was going bad.

Since yours has no tube now, for a comparative testing I'd start with a decent (EHX, JJ, Etc.), but not too expensive 12AX7 so you can get a feel for the baseline and then later try different makes or variants if you want to.

And no rebiasing needed.