I have been playing guitar for about three years now and am looking for a band. I will play pretty much anything except for death metal, grind-core, and any other kind of "core". That said, I like playing songs by Rage Against the Machine, Green Day, System of a Down and stuff in that general genre. But there is one flaw that might send possible band-mates a runnin'.......I have to go to Illinois every summer for the next four years and every other Christmas and every spring. BUT!!!! During the times when i am in CT i would be very open to practicing on a regular basis and gigging.

Please respond if interested!!!!
Hey, I recently moved up to Vernon, CT, been playing 8 - 10 yrs and would love to jam. I have two acoustic guitars with me but none of my electric stuff, which is back in NY. If your interested just PM me and we will get jamming. I also go to MCC.\

As always,
Seth Katz