So this is a very broad topic and its welcome to go where the community takes it

I've been getting into my playing more and more as the year goes on, and one thing that keeps becoming more and more apparent to me is the endless styles you can model you riffs/grooves/solos

My question is what kind of patterns do you start with to build your riffs from? (list music style as well, and anything else that pertains to this)

And how would you go about making "new folk" riffs? (Im considering Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, Ben Harper, etc. new folk)
how is this a create-a-riff thread?

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sorry, *sing the melody and add in the notes on the guitar that your singing but still mess around with the chords.
Ah, right. Jack does that quite a bit actually. I think its really cool actually. Its not a technically hard thing to do but for what you described as "new folk" it sounds really nice.

BTW, nice song on the link.

Anyways, I don't usually make up riffs unless you consider some basic fingerpicked stuff riffs, which they aren't.
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