Angela Gossow. Women can't do death metal.

(ha ha ha)

And a lot of nu metal. new korn wtf?
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And Kyle Gass
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I you for posting this.

<-- Pretty much sums me up


^ I was there
The Jonas Brothers and anyone like the Jonas Brothers who are only in it for the wrong reasons and not to make awesome music.
disney music and most metal.
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First women want the right to vote, now they want to be vocalists in death metal bands?

It's like they think they are actual people.

There's a lot of musicians I don't understand, but none that I can't take seriously.

EDIT: Gorgoroth actually. You all remember this:

"So what's the main inspiration for your music?"

Bands like that.
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No one's laughing at your retarded rock, friend. GTFO

you dont need to post it in every thread you go into
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"Don't brutal your sister, Timmy!"

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'ported for doing it in my thread also. get a life kid.

also, LMAO at first reply, i knew that was gonna be it
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Angela Gossow. Women can't do death metal.

Kind of ironic, considering that she's one of the best Death Metal vocalists around.
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Angela Gossow. Women can't do death metal.

You're jealous.


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