Thought this would be not only a good way to help me get some gear I might be missing, but would also serve somewhat as a checklist for some of our breatheren that are just starting their gear journey lol.
Electricity, guitar, amplifier, picks, and instrument cables.
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Electricity, guitar, amplifier, picks, and instrument cables.

True, minus the electricity, amplifier, instrument cable and picks.

What you need is a good working guitar (Acoustic is all you need) And strings. Maybe a Capo too but that is all.

Oh. Unless you're using an Electric. Then you need a good working electric guitar, Strings, A cable, An amplifier and electricity. Picks aren't really necessary.
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A guitar, tuner, picks, an amp and a cable.
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Lovin' the snarky comments, guys. Makes me feel alive inside

However, to prevent the onslaught of "luls electricity" posts, try to be more specific. An example would be cable brands you swear by, etc.
a good guitar, a solid cable (Zzyzx), a nice amp (preferably Tube) , a really nice boost (Moolon, Lizard Leg effects, MXR/CAE)/overdrive (TS9/808, Dano CCTO)/compressor (Analogman CompROSSor, Strymon, Diamond)/EQ (MXR, Dano) for leads and an audience.
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Guitar, chromatic tuner, strings, case, woodwind bore oil
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I really think a good eq (mx 10 band), a good chorus (small clone), and a nice wah are 3 things every guitarist should have. While not everyone likes the tone, I think a nice mahog wood guitar goes a long way aswell.
Delay, Reverb, Delay, Reverb, and a Looper.

Did I do this right?
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In terms of must-haves in a rig (aside from one amp and one guitar):

-Overdrive Pedal
-Backup guitar
-Backup amp

Backup amp and guitar for different tones/tunings or in cae the main one fails. A tuner is obvious. An OD allows you to work some more tones out of your amp, especially for your leads. A wah is also something heavily used.

If you ignore backups...

-Noise Gate

Same reasons for the wah, DO, and tuner. A compressor is great for adding texture for cleans and your overall tone. It also helps you cut through the mix a bit more imo. Finally, if you want your rig to sound it's best, a noise gate cuts out on all the excess noise that lurks when you stop playing.

Just my choices if I had to go with a barebones rig...
Love, A Guitar, Strings, A pick and a Capo

but a better response would be

Tube amp, decent guitar, noise gate, fender picks, and cry baby wah

you don't really need a tuner if u can tune by ear :P
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- Tubescreamer
- Sampera I

1. Drive - The will to never quit.
2. Ingenuity – The power to make something out of nothing
3. Persistence – The ability to wade through the good times and swim
through the bad times.
4. Heart – The heart to write, the heart to perform, and the heart to lead
5. Stone Skin – The ability to deflect negativity, Jealousy and hatred

Tangibles –(assuming the basics are taken care of)

1. A well built Tuner
2. Books (Scales, tabs, lessons)
3. A Capo
4. A Microphone
5. Recording Device
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Ears, rhythm, a love for music and a guitar.
guitar, high gain tube amp, TS9 and noise gate <--- thats all i use ... simplicity is bliss


and the un said stuff that everyone else has said.... tuners, ECT

ohh and

Ear Moniters/ Ear Plugs .... for onstage


a good crowed , if playing gigs, theres nothing worse than an un-responsive crowed
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Good Tuner
Wah Pedal


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it really depends on that guitar player's goals and situation. An acoustic player needs neither an amp nor his own PA. venues provide PA's in all of my experiences.

but that same guitarist might need...a capo, a tuner, an external pre-amp, balanced XLR-1/4" TRS cables, and a strap.

electric guitar players have slightly different needs. a good amp, good cables, a tuner, a strap, and maybe a capo still?

some of the things in either situation are replaceable based on the situation, needs, and goals of that guitar player

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A guitar and hands should be tops on the the list.
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A schecter hellraiser,a hnadful of behringer pedals,a line six spider amp,and a metallica tab book lol

Sorry someone has to be a smart ass....hahahaha
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Modded 1982 Marshall JCM800 2203

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Check out randy dobsons underground ,tell me what you think
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A guitar, strings, left ear, right ear, fingers
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well actually.....

..... the question is flawed. there is no list of things a guitarist should have other than the blaringly obvious.
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There are many cool things to get guitar related, but everyone has different needs, I plan on getting a gel pad for my strap because I have a band shoulder. See something relatively inexpensive, like a pick rack? Get it! no reason not to.
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fingers and a guitar

+1 but also u need passion and love guitar
Asides from a good amp and a versatile guitar (Strat etc) and a cable etc, I'd say:

OD - A nice tubescreamer never goes down badly.
Floor tuner - Very very useful in a gig situation, I still need to invest in that actually.
EQ - Really gives your instrument a LOT more versatility.
Strap locks - For God sake, these are vital!
Capo - Really opens up a lot more options for song writing.
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Some pentatonic scales and a kirk hammet LTD sig - you'll automaticlly become an awesome blues/thrash/heavy metal guitarist
attitude, perseverance, drive, love, and a good guitar/amp

in the case of david gilmour, eddie van halen, marty friedman etc....
theory isnt all THAT important...you have 12 notes to choose from. what order you play them in is up to you.

that being said, you have to know the notes you are playing...either by sound or by name
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Super high end amps (ENGL, Diezel, Trainwreck)
Super quality guitars
Super quality and modded pedals
Super expensive, cyrogenically tested cables
Picks made out of gold

Non Pro:
A good guitar
A good (tube preferably) amp [Blackstar, Fender, Marshall, lower line ENGL...]
Jazz III Picks (this is my preferance as the best pick...)
Good cables that don't cost an arm or leg to buy

5-Treble boost
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