I have a gig on saturday and the drummer dropped out of the band and the singer might too, sad thing is we will find out on friday if he is in or out. I just want to know what me and the guitar player of this "band" can do now that these people have dropped out. I don't want to cancle the gig because that's rude and we worked too hard to just forget about it. What can I and the guitar player do to atleast make it half desent.

How can me and a guitar player make a good sounding set without a drummer and no vocal? We have one more practice this friday and then it's off to playing.. I need some help/advice...
put on a good show.. just play some tunes that you two can play good together. believe it or not you can play songs without drums and vocals. but most important, as long as you can put on a good show, people wont give a ****.
Maybe some rhcp? or a huge jam?
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Honestly, i woundnt try to do it and just drop out of the gig but thats me.

Last time i saw something like this i was running sound for a local show and the last band of the day showed up, after some really great crowd pleasing rock acts btw, and it was just a keyboard player and guitarist/singer ... totally killed the mood but i suppose that woulda worked with a different kind of crowd.

Anyway, instrumental acts really arnt that pleasing unless the music is designed and full enough to pull it off, like Scale the Summit, are you sure neither of you can sing?

A live jam probably isnt the best idea either ... people tend to come for a rehearsed set, not so much a live practice session.
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it's fine.. Thanks to everybodys help I have an idea now I just have to learn to sing by saturday haha I can probably learn how I'm almost there but it looks like we are gonna do hot tuna kinda stuff. thank you all i knw this thread didn't last long (a few minutes) but thank you and sorry because this is proably spam by now!
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Honestly, i woundnt try to do it and just drop out of the gig but thats me.

you don't ever want to drop a gig. some venues won't book you again if you drop a gig. that's a cardinal rule. unless you can pull of a salvageable show that wont have the crowd boo at you. dont drop out. play for like 15-20 minutes tops, however much you think you can hold the audiences attention.
jamming ftw!!! especially if your guitarist can improve well. And if you can sing at all, you got this
Have you tried talking the drummer into at least doing the gig before he quits? :l
I hate it when people shake off like this.

Do a simple blues jam, nothing crazy, explain what happened as well say "I respect you guys as an audience and I want to do this for myself as well as you guys"
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Play drums and have the guitarist sing. If his guitar has a stereo output, run one of the pickups through some effects to make it sound lower and give the sound some bass.
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Or learn like, dune tune by level 42, or some song that would sound amazing without a guitarist anyway.

Or- Carousel by Blink.
Nice bass line, not too hard, and simple for your guitar player to learn.
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Well, you could borrow a drum machine, so that's drums pretty much sorted & try to get a guest vocalist, surely you must know someone who can sing.

thats a good approach.

One of my friends bands literally had to improvise a lot cause their drummer never showed up.Someone stood in for them but it became a bit of a farse...You really need to watch your best bet is to do an Acoustic set if your lacking a drummer and if any of the 2 of you have a little singing ability no matter if its not great it would most likely get you by.
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