Hey guys, I'm looking at PA's for my band but I'm not really sure if I can spot a good PA from a bad one. I've heard good things about Nady and **** about Behringer, but honestly, I probably couldn't spot the difference. We used to have a Behringer I think, but it broke after 2 years or so. It was a cheap one though so I don't think it was that big a deal.

But now I want an actual good PA. I mean, goo for my budget price of course haha. I'd be thinking my maximum would be like $1500 but I would stretch it to like $1700 if I absoultely had to. I'm hoping for more of the $1000-$1300 range though. I want a complete package with stands, at least two speakers, and a mixer. If it comes with mics, that's fine. Idk what i'd do with them cause I know that I'm going to buy like 2 shure sm58's.

The PA is going to be used for practice, small to hopefully large shows. I'd think large at this stage would be like 500 people. but if I spend like $1500, that's a lot of money and I realize that, I'm not just throwing numbers around. If I spend like $1500 on a PA, i would hope it would be better for bigger audiences.

So if anybody with any PA experiences could help me at all, I'd very much appreciate it
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