I am trying to leave the noob thing of anchoring.
Up to now I'm doing okay, but having a hard time picking the lower strings…
It's not ALWAYS noob.

Sure it can slow you down, sure it can hurt you, but you CAN still anchor, don't make it a habit though.
if YOU NEED to, thego ahead.
I know there is a huge debate about anchoring vs non anchoring,

Personally i tried anchoring and could never keep my hand there,

Just practice, try ride the lightning intro, that helped me with picking strings etc
anchoring isn't noobish. if it works, it works. all that matters is what a man can do and what a man can't do. ghandi said that

or maybe that was jack sparrow
The Petrucci thing is partially a good thing. I mean yes he does it, but he puts a lot of effort into picking, I mean after a fast Alternate Picking run he really takes a break and seems comfortable.

on the other hand, players like Vai, Govan, Gilbert, etc... Put almost no effort in picking, in the long run that helps. But if you're already use to anchoring and you've been playing for a while just keep doing, I still do it and I'm fine.
I'm not sure but I think John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan all anchor at times. I myself don't anchor but then again I can only play 16th notes at 150bpm not 250bpm. I wouldn't call it noob but it is considered a bad habbit so keep practicing without anchoring, you'll get it. On the bottom string try moving your hand down a bit or pick closer to the right near the bridge I think
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Try to mix anchoring and non-anchoring picking techniques, it worked well for me. Just dont be over-dependant on it. For the low strings thing, try using you whole lower right arm to pick instead of your wrist/fingers(like most anchorers do).
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Anchoring in general is bad, a bad habit to get into.
I'm trying to get out of it.
Lift your hand about a mm or 2 off the guitar, no more. And relax, don't tense your arm.
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Watch Paul Gilbert play.
Play like Paul Gilbert, the guy has awesome alt. picking technique.