I'm confused about this.

The actual INF2 bridge pickup has a bare wire, a red one and a white one. The Bare wire is welded to the back of the volume knob (wich I guess connects to the ground) and the other two are connected to the five-way switch.

The Bill Lawrence pickup I want to install has a bare wire, a black one, a red one, a green one and a white one (these last two are insulated). The wiring diagrams on Bill Lawrence USA website aren't very helpful for me.

I'm I correct if I connect the bare and black wires to the Volume knob, the red one to the pin where the actual red cable is soldered and the green and white wires to where the actual white wire is conected?
this should be in the wiring thread
but with standard wiring of 4 conductor + ground pickups like you're trying to install, two of the wires usually get soldered together, forget which...

i'd definitely ask in the wiring thread
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