I have two amps, a fender hotrod deville 2x12 and a the pignose 7-100 amp, and I was reading something that said you could use the pignose as a preamp instead of your amps original, I was wondering how you would go about doing that? specifically with the hotrod deville?

Yeah, to say it clearer, basically how to I replace my pre amp with the pignose amp? I'm looking for somewhat of a terry kath tone, and I'm just looking to experiment with my tone.
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"5 watts of gigantic earth shattering power"........."Requires 6 AA batteries" lol how does that little thing sound? If it has an output jack somewhere connect that to the Effects Return of the Deville, just make sure the speakers are hooked up on the combo. Normally you would run the Effects Send of one amp (preamp section) into the Return of another (power section) I just dont know what that little amp has outputs wise. It does say on the website you can use it as a preamp.
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I got it set-up today.... thanks for the reply by the way!

I checked out what you tried and it didnt work quite as well as I would have expected it to, but thats probably my fault haha.

Instead i dug up the box and picked out the directions, and you plug into the pignose, then on the back there is an input that says "preamp out" and take a regular cable and connect that to the regular input of the amp.

I tried it, and its different... the sound is HUGE, which is different because i suppose most people are used to hearing the pignose making this small to stay clean.

However, now I can control bass, treble, middle, presence, and other eq from my deville, while i can be as clean as i want, because there is added headroom. The dirty channel isn't like a crappy solid state would be.

It actually got me the terry kath tone almost exactly (ill attribute it to his fingers), but its the same vibe and practically the same tone... makes my wah sound different tho... cant explain it...

overall a good thing to try... ill probably be doing it from now on for smaller blues gigs and recording. I REALLY like the pignose despite it's raping of my battery supply.