Has anyone ever used a crate powerblock? I like to get my sound from pedals and was looking into getting a powerblock since its got no effects built in I figured it would be a nice clean slate.
meh, it's a loud SS head.

Willing to go used?
Nearest local city?
Gigging or home practice?
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Budget: Around $500, would be willing to save up a little more for something.
Style: Metal
Willing to go used: Yeah
Nearest local city: Orlando
Gigging or home practice: Home for now, eventually gigs.

And what you mean as a poweramp with a nice preamp infront? Could you specify a little more please and maybe list some 'nice' preamps.
i have personally never used one, but have heard a couple guitarists use it and talked to people who use it. basicly it is best run as a clean amp for cheap. if you get all your tone from effects or a multi-fx unit, this would work fine. the best use ive heard for it is a backup amp. it is small and portable, so you just stick it in your bag and forget about it. your usual tube/whatever head craps out and you can just stick that on your cab to continue the show. if i was gigging and needed a backup amp, that is probably what i would do (other option being get a good DI box and run to the PA).

basicly, i personally wouldnt use it as my primary amp since it seems a bit bland. even if you get your tone from pedals, i would still rather have an amp with a bit of character to it. if you are using amp models, PA or just straight poweramp is the way to go anyway.
I have one for a keyboard amp
My Bugera broke down though so untill my Mesa arives I am using it for guitar.
The trick to this amp is as a 1 channel amp ranging from Clean to Medium Gain it is very dynamic for a solid state and has variable volume to the gain.
This means basicly that the gain DRASTICLY increases the volume.

What I do is set Gain to zero, dime the volume, strum on my strings with one hand and raise the gain with the other hand until desired volume is met.

If you do purchase it I suggest you get something like a Used Mesa V-Twin (I think that is what it is called) or something of the sort. I believe even ENGL has one out as well as H&K.
i used my crate glx 65 watt 1x12 combo's clean to run my cheap digitech rp mfx unit for quite a few years. then i realized that the tone/distortion from the amp itself was much better; this was right before i ended up purchasing a used peavey 5150 combo haha.

if you're using effects pedals especially a multifx for all of your sounds then yes the crate would work well as a power amp. the mfx came out nice from the clean channel of the crate amp its just the mfx i was using was cheap, so if you ran a nicer mfx or whatever in front of the amp it should sound pretty good!
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