It's been a long time since I've written anything i'm 1/2 way happy with...and I'm content with this one, so I figured I'd let UG be critical with it. ^_^ thanks in advance...

It scares me, you see, to wait here forever,
It’s a lesson, for me, To hold and remember,
For just a word…from…you…
Will take…me…away…
To the high…est…of highs…
Or the low…est…of lows…

Cause I dream every night of waking by your side,
And I wake every morning with the dream of your eyes,
Your voice is my sweetest, lullaby,
Oh won’t you please, won’t you please, just be mine.

Your fingertips bring a tingle down my spine,
Your voice lights a fire within me inside,
Your smile harnesses the light from the very sky,
The sent of you makes me feel so alive,

When will you awake, and see that I’m your man,
When will you know, and fully understand,
That the friend that you see standing in front of you,
Is everything you’ve ever wanted, and he loves you…
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Broken nose at a Skindred show and a chipped tooth at As I Lay Dying...

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nice. and brutal.