Anyone got a tab for one of those porn riffs you hear in old time pornos? like the wah pedal? stuff anyone got a tab for it much appreciated
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Just do that chord with lots of muted percussive strumming a lot. Wah optional.

If you've got a wah, sound out how to play "bow-chika-wow-wow."
Take that chord and slide it as you're sweeping the wah.

Then get a bass and follow it with a sexxxyyy rhythm.
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this is an absolutely win question...... jjajaj the PORN riff.... that special riff that make us feel like an autentic guitar sex machine
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This is funny.

Scoring tonight?
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The intro is a G chord.
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Haha, play this for a girl that you wanna bone. Hopefully, if you play the riff right, she'll get on you.
Quote by Superperfex
Haha, play this for a girl that you wanna bone. Hopefully, if you play the riff right, she'll get on you.

yer if you score from this you have to tell him i just though it was in old pornos coz it sounded good and didnt think it worked
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The G chord and the G string both work.

Ok, that was a terrible attempt at a joke
Don't forget the slap bass.

Just think Isaac Hayes slowed the hell down.
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