hey Ug'ers,
I've been wanting to upgrade my trem in my jackson Dinky DK2 for some time the cuurent LFR is not a bad trem and it holds tune no problem however I've really been wanting something that will chirp alot better than that thing does. I know OFR's do this well as well as the Ibanez edge bridges well the good Ibanez Edge bridges. ( I hear the Edge III is not so great and ZR not the best reviewed as well) looking to stick in the Floyd family I've done some research. OFR's generally run close to 200 it seems ranging anywhere from 170-200 which is Ok but being that I try to make the bang for buck purchases this would take a little saving and all to get set aside. I read one review on one of the other guitar communities I belong to saying the Gotoh Floyd is really good and on the cheaper side ranging from 120-140 this seems like a much more feseable option as that won't throw me as far off and it saves the money for anything else I may need to get.

Currently the Jackson trem is: Floyd Rose® Licensed Jackson® Low Profile JT580 LP double-locking 2-Point Tremolo

I am looking for people that have this trem or a fair amount of experience with this trem. How does it handle feel and the like. Does it have a loose enough feel/play for some good chirps or no?

Granted those things resale for just as much as new and that if I didn't personally like it I could easily go back to it however I'd prefer a little more user input on this and what some people that have used them think. I know that either G&L or Suhr had used them on some of their guitars so it should be a quality piece over the other LFR's

Also on a side note I just saw on Guitarpartsdepot.com that there is a Floyd Rose special that is a form of LFR even though it is a Floyd Rose made trem. those are real cheap at about 75-100 though I have a feeling that wouldn't be much better than what I am using.
The Gotoh FR is VERY good, and is well worth the price. It's made by the same people who made the original Edge and make the Edge Pro.
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I swapped that exact Jackson trem for a Gotoh in my guitar. MASSIVE improvement in everything.

All i needed to do was make the post holes larger to fit the gotohs larger studs and file down a few of the bolts that hold the strings in place. because the jackson trem is based on a FR pro and the gotoh is based on an OFR the route isn't quite long enough after you intonate the top E string
cool thanks guy really appreciate this feedback on the issue. I guess I will look into ordering mine come mid-month pay.
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