So yeah, another one of my "normal" style songs, not so much post-hardcore like my last one, a little more metalcore. I tried experimenting with different time sigs, so lemme know how they fit, because I don't want it to sound forced. The ending is also supposed to roll into the intro of my last song, azure shade (in sig). I'll also do c4c when I have the chance to return crits

EDIT: this will also have vocals, I was just too lazy to tab em out
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the delay thing was cool. something new i've got to try.
man, the song makes me feel relaxed. it's one of those songs i would put in my playlist and set repeat on.
those sig changes didn't sound forced, but 6/8 to 7/8 could be more fluently.
intro and outro were the best parts imo, although the delay sometimes sounded a bit like 'too much', but perhabs it's just GP.
and the snares sound crappy in set 16. d:

overall a good song i would listen to, even if it's not really my style. it's just so relaxing and sounds so soft.
i won't give you a rating, because 9/10 looks like ass kissing, haha.
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Holy shit nemesis, that was depressing.
Mission accomplished!
If people made "metalcore" more often like this, I would definitely be hooked (if it wasn't for the whiny ass scream/clean vocal combination). This is one of the few songs on here that I've ever desired to hear recorded. If done right, this could just be amazing. It is a perfect song by all means. I'm not even going to bother critiquing it further, because you know its good.
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you have are a great talent man)) are you post gtp with vocal track?)
9.99/10 =))
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Jesus this was ****ing great. I don't have a song for you to crit back too, I just felt like saying how ridiculously good this was. You have no idea how much I wish I could write like this.
This is quite nice and I enjoyed listening to it, but there are just a couple minor things that bothered me. First of all, I use the snare with midi tone 40, and maybe it's just me, but the one for 38 seems loud and obnoxious and upsets the calm beginning of your song in my opinion. Also, I think you use layering quite well but after a whole song of it the high points and low points start to fade together because everything has 10,000 instruments.

Overall really good
It was very good, except I think you need to clean up the chorus a little bit. It ends up very muddy due to all the instruments, and the key change towards the end sounds out of place because of that lack of definition.

It may not be a problem if it were to be recorded and mixed properly though.
Not much I can say. Sounded awesome, like most of your stuff! I still think Infinite Sky is your best song
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