I want to stain my fretboard black I saw this on www.stewmac.com. I have also read somewhere that if you have ever used fret fast before then you can not stain your fretboard. Because of the silicon that's in it is that true? So is there something else I can use?

fret fast is silicon based, which is why most guitar techs will tell you that you shouldn't ever use it. It is true that you can not stain over silicon. You would need to find something to remove it first. I use gasoline or acetate to remove silicon from new windows in houses, but I'd NEVER put either on my fretboard.

Google to see if you can find a product to remove silicone that won't harm wood, and NEVER use fret fast again.
Depending on how much there is and how deep it is, you can use naptha or mineral spirits to remove the silicone.

Mask off the fretboard, wipe on a coat, wait for it to evaporate and repeat, not sure how many coats it would take, but say do it 3 times and then try staining it.

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fast fret doesn't contain silicon, it uses white mineral oil. there are other similar products that will mess up your fretboard, but ghs fast fret won't.
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well, if you read the GHS website:

Not a spray! Contains no silicone[/B]. It’s a liquid in an applicator. Use it on strings, fretboard, back of neck. Lets fingers slide freely, keeps strings clean, is good for wood.
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