Even if I scared the
Meaning of my life
Into my wrists
It would still be pointless because
I am forgotten

Like a rose in the desert
I am forever lost
So ill just fade into the
Sands of time

So bury my heart in flames
And cloak my soul in shadows
Wrap my mind in darkness
and Blow a kiss to the moon

I did no act
Upon what I wanted dearly,
Now that I which I want,
I can never have,
I’m dying inside

Love hate
Passion, remorse
Sorrow and sadness

The very core of
My entity feels shattered
Like a stone

I want to watch these veins
Drain of my life, and stare as
It flows away from me

I feel wreaked and unwanted
Torn apart on the inside

I wish that what you once felt
Will rise from the ashes

The 14th day of the 10th month
Must seem like nothing to you now

I hate my self
Do you hate me
I hate my self
Could you ever love me

I’m going to break

Even if I scared the meaning
Of you into my being, would
Is it all meaningless?

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