I got an old Dano-Style guitar at my local swap meet for a steal. Safe to say it's seen better day, as it's really beat up and ghetto rigged. Who ever owned it before me apparently lost the pickguard and put a wood block in the cavity to hold the pickup in place, thus there are no knobs or other electronics, only a single pickup that had it's wires attached to some speaker wire and an input. So this means you can't replace the cable, or lower volume/setting. On top of that, the has some bad frets, causing dead spots on several location, it also needs a new nut and new tuners as well.

Other than that, it's still pretty good. The pickup it has sounds amazing, despite the annoying buzz due to lack of shielding. So I'm gonna be putting in quite a lot of work on this guitar, including fixing the electronics, fixing the neck, new tuners, straps, and a new nut. I'm leaving the finish on there due to the fact that the nitro finish it has, combined with the natural relicing makes it looks rather nifty.

Here are some pics of it how it stands now. Sorry about the horrible quality.

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