So, one of my friends(also former bandmate) just got a copy of Nick Blinko's(Rudi) book "The Primal Screamer". He said i can borrow it when hes done and was just wondering if anyone here has read it. Ive heard only good things about it, and since RP is one of my favorite bands im sure it will be wonderful.

So, what are your thoughts on this book(if youve ever read/heard of it)
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I just remember reading in The Day the Country Died that he was f*cking crazy and spent time in mental institutions.

Nick actually wrote most of the album "pope adrian 37th psychristiatric" In an institution, apparently under the impression at times that he himself was the pope.

Nick would purposely go off his schizo meds in order to make some of his music and artwork, hence why some of it is so demented. Dedication man.

As for primal screamer, I want to read it, but that shit sells for like $135 more or less.
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