Just going through a stage of transcribing acoustic songs for piano. Seeing as exams are coming up, this is giving me good practice for melodic dictation. Anyways...

Heard this song a few weeks back after a friend mentioned how "pretty" it was. I listened to it, and immediately wanted to write it up for piano.

EDIT: THIS IS NOT PLAYED LIVE, just programmed in Cubase. I plan to do a completely live version after exams.

Piano - Virtual Grand Piano
Strings - Edirol Orchestral VST
Organ - B4 II

All feedback is welcome. Oh, and C4C
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your timing is good, and your ability to perform the song is very good, I can clearly see you are competent at your instrument. however, I am going to say that the song lacks dynamics as it sounds pretty much like a MIDI track with barely any movement in the song. I was expecting the verses to begin in pianissimo and then build up for the chrous to around mezzo-piano, come back to PP or P in the 2nd verse, give it a shape with a rall coming into the chorus and build up to mezzo-forte, etc.

pretty much this is nit picking the dynamics purely because I can see that you know how to play the piano, and I assume that if you're wanting to practice melodic diction, you would also want to give the song more dynamics.

I hope my comments haven't made you feel bad, because you need to be at a decent level for people to begin critiquing dynamics, so don't worry about that.

with that all said, feel free to cut me down on my cover of street spirit :P
I'm not offended whatsoever!
I should add that this was not played live, but programmed in Cubase (which explains the lack of dynamics ). I mean to do a live version once exams are over, and our printer has ink (so I can actually PRINT the score )

ahh, i recognize the song, it is a really nice song! the only thing is , it's very dull sounding, no dynamics.. but it's not your fault, because you aren't even playing it . Must of been hard to program though, that'd take me like a year, you must know your theory to do that? or is there an other easier way to program liek that.. because i'd like to learn and do that to make some songs up and stuff...

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