Anyone have recommendations for a humbucker sized P90?? I have crazy wiring that I'd like to keep if possible, so four conductor only.
Thanks for the help.
Right, sorry... I'm mainly looking to use it in the bridge position for leads as well as rhythm, price range is not an issue unless the single pickup is above $150, and my guitar is a mahogany body semi-hollow. I like to think I play Alternative rock.
i'm not really experienced in wiring, but to be 4 conductor doesn't it need to essentially be a humbucker? like two bars of magnets, is what i mean. i didn't think a true single coil pickup (like a p90) would have 4 conductors...

maybe a seymour duncan p-rails? you could get some crazy options out of it, too.
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what everyone else said. to have 4 leads you need 2 separate coils (+ and - for each coil).

so a single coil (like a p90) can only have 2 leads.

unless you are asking about p90 sized humbuckers, which i think a few companies do make.
I've been looking around, and the Gibson P94 is four conductor...?? How does that work?
Hmmm, now it says three conductor. A little too late for my eyes??

Screw my wiring, just recommend a good Humbucker sized P90, if you will.
Thanks again.

Its not actually a 4 conductor pu. gibson says it may have a red "dead" lead (I have no idea what this is for). but there are a white, black ,and ground wire. the white vs. black is to change the polarity of the pickup (to use 2 pickups in a hum canceling mode or to wire in a phase switch).

again, single coils can not have 4 conductor leads. how can you split a single coil?
There are stacked p90s out there which would give you 2 coils. But they lose alot the p90 tone your looking for that way. To get p90 tone they need to be single coils which would prevent you from doing much in the way of crazy wiring.
Quote by wiredisme

Screw my wiring, just recommend a good Humbucker sized P90, if you will.
Thanks again.

No rec's to speak of?
dimarzio has 4 conductor p90s
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Quote by JLT73
dimarzio has 4 conductor p90s

They're actually P90 sized humbuckers that have the frequencies altered for the coils, in order to get a more realistic P90 sound.