These questions might be incredibly stupid, but please try to answer them for me. I really appreciate it.

N00Btastic question 1.) I live in London, but I'm from the states, and guitars here are very expensive, and I don't really know where to find the guitar I want. I see tons of chances to buy guitars for cheaper prices online, but they are american guitars. I'm fine with an american guitar, but is there any chance that if I plug it into a british amp it could be damaged? I know there is a difference with the currents in England and USA and I don't want to buy a guitar only to have it catch on fire the second I plug it in.

N00Btastic question 2.) Can anyone recommend me a good amp or peddle for punk music? I could probably pay around $450.

Thanks I really appreciate it!
1. Guitars of any nationality + amps of any nationality are perfectly fine. It's only the amps and mains electricity you need to worry about.

Take a trip down Denmark Street off Charing Cross Road, and the shop that's under what at least used to be a Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street.