As some of you may know im currently shopping for a new guitar
and this particular one grabbed my attention and im hoping to try it out when i get some spare time
but until then I'm just gonna see what info i can get off you guys

I didn't really want active p.u.'s so i steered away from the Hellraiser and Blackjack ATX but im just wondering whether the classic will be able to deliver that kind of punch with the passives in it , would it be able to pull off a good tool or soad tone? (I realise 90% tone comes from amp etc.)

Also are then 2009 models crafted in Indonesia or South Korea because everyone seems to think Theyre made in Indonesia but ive seen photos of the guitar with a MIK stamp

thanks in advance
Most, if not all, C-1's are made in Korea. The JB will definitely be able to do SOAD and even heavier stuff. Its not a pure metal machine, but is very versatile and can do metal with ease (and a decent amp). Great guitar, especially for the price.
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I got mine in December last year, and it is made in Korea. It plays like a dream, looks awesome, and the pickups really pack a punch, you can definitely get SOAD tones out of them.
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