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As the title says.

I really like 1mm Jim Dunlops at the moment, but i got this awesome one yesterday from a mate. Its a pick cut out of a crash cymbal. It wrecks strings, but what the heck, its still awesome.
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Jazz III
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2mm Dunlop Big stubby
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Tortex 0.88, have used only these for over a year and I'm not planning on changing that anytime soon...
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I use Dunlop Tultex 1mm;

I use around 0.4mm for acoustic strumming stuff (regular plastic)

And I sometimes use 0.88 regular dunlop plastic material.

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Jazz III... the Jazz II has no point so I accidently slice my fingers on the strings.... becomes an ouch but I've survived thus far
I'm using a Gibson M. I think it must be between .7 and .8 because I can't stand to use anything above or below that.
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.60mm Tortex.
Originally used the 1.5 sharps but started messing up all my strings.
Jazz III
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Yellow dunlop tortex .73 .... filed pointy with grippy gouges dug in the sides If I can't have my old battered tortex then a Jazz III works.
Definetly Jim Dunlop around 1.14 mm
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There's no point in telling you, picks don't exist long enough for anyone to form any kind of bond with it.
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Dunlop Jazz IIIs like many others. I prefer the sound of the Tortex Jazz IIIs, but unfortunately they don't keep their sharp point long enough and become dull quickly.

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Primarily Dunlop Ultex picks, either the .9 or the 1mm. Sometimes I'll use Clayton 1mm picks, though, depending on my mood. I always cut my picks sharp, as well.
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My fingers.

Failing that, someone else's dismembered fingers, but they don't have the same flex or feel to them.
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The dunlop tortex yellow ones. I believe those are. 73mm. I use them for electric, thin enough for fast strumming ans thick enough for soloing. I can also use them on acoustic without feeling like Im molesting my guitar, but I still prefer lighter for acoustic. Some guitar class student at my school was playing acoustic with a big stubby. It both terrified and sickened me at the same time.
Red Jazz III's. But they don't quite have enough grip for me. Anyone know of any picks the same style as a Jazz III, but with a little better grip?
^Yeah, put a bunch out on the road or driveway, wait for a few cars to pass and go pick em up... Lol, I'm not kidding. My gf came back from hanging the washing (like all good women should be doing... not this brains stuff... *cough*) and asked me if this was mine... it was... had the best grip out of all my plectrums...
Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm sharps. ive never liked thin picks. i wanna be able to hit a string when i wanna hit it and it not flop all over the place
I currently use a Dunlop Tortex 1.14, but I want to switch to Ultex 1.00 or Jazz III Ultex. But the local instrument shop only has junks (mostly Stagg). Also, I use my nails.
A black Dunlop Jazz Pick
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Fender heavy picks. I want to get sponsored by them for picks because I go through like a pack a week
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Red JD Jazz III for electric.

.60 JD Nylon for acoustic.
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i use dark green dava control picks, nobody i know seems to use them.
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Pick gnome infestation? Fumigate your amp - thats where they tend to live.

1mm Dunlop black nylon, 6 dozen at a time. They seem the most accurate for throwing down chicks shirts.
Tortex 0.88 mm.
And every now and then a 421P Ultex 1.14 mm.
Hoping to get some Ultex sharp 0.90 tomorrow.
jim dunlop blue 1 mm picks and occasionally i switch to a different color of jim dunlop
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