Hi, I recently bought new Ibanez S320 and I tried to set up the zr tremolo properly cause strings were detuning after I used whammy bar for a moment. I downloaded the Ibanez manual, opened back place where the springs are placed.
http://www.magazyngitarzysta.pl/sprzet/testy_sprzetu/1743-ibanez-s320-wk.html I'm taking about first photo on the left, where you can adjust Spring Tension. When I was rolling it to lower and lower tension the thing that goes up and down while adjusting spring tension just fall of that bolt that keeps the thing going up and down. I belive I descibe my problem clearly, and I'm asking for your help, cause now when I roll the spring tension knob up it is useless as the thing fall of the bolt. What should I do?
Well I haven't heard great things about Ibanez trems

But IMO you should take it to a tech
Most likely I find you'll probably only damage your guitar if you **** around and don't know what your doing
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