Ok so I'm doing this thing for school and i really really really really need a picture of a Gibson Firebird 12 string.
And not just one of google images i need one where it shows the front of the guitar prefferably with a background with only one color and no one holding it.

if anyone has a picture like that could you please help?
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Cant you just photoshop one? like get a picture of google and then a cut the dude out and put a background?
That is one ugly guitar. Looks like a retard explorer, lol.
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Gibson makes two versions of the Firebird a reverse and non reverse. I never cared for the non reverse version pictured it always looked wrong to me. I only ever came across one 12 string Firebird in my days of collecting Gibsons and it was identical to the one pictured. I did a quick look thru by books and I do not see a reverse Firebird listed in a 12 string.