So, due to the lack of compatibility with Superior Drummer in Cubase LE (that version), amidst some other issues, I have decided to learn how to use Reaper too.

Question is, I'm eventually going to have to either upgrade to a better version of Cubase, or register Reaper. I understand one is much cheaper than the other, but it seems like a lot of people are quite fond of Reaper these days. What should I know about the two programs that can help me decide which one is right for me? Also, feel free to share any reasons why you have a certain preference with one over the other.


P.S: For reference, I don't think I'd be looking into the full version of Cubase, but probably the Studio version (the next level down), or the one below that. I like using Cubase, but have come to realize the LE version won't cut it for what I want to do.
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reaper blows for editing, but its routing is a **** ton more easier and unique then cubases routing and track system where its more based on old school ways of recording.

if you are comming from the analog world to digital daw, your going to ****ing hate reaper. if you started out on computer your going to like it

i like reaper cause its open source and its sick. period lol.