Hi folks, Under the name of my solo project Ro'hit & run, I have just released my full length online guitar instrumental album of total 9 tracks..
You can download the whole album for free from following link-


For every free download, the sponsors will donate money to the artist & also to the International Children's Network. This is the charity foundation which I have chosen towards which you will be contributing just by downloading these tracks for free of cost.

About the album -
Ro'hit & run is a guitar instrumental album of 9 tracks. The album is experimental because it doesn’t have a specific genre, but at the same time has a few elements of rhythm & blues, folk, ethnic, pop, rock, fusion & so. Tracks like ‘lost in the rhythm’, ‘holy child’ & ‘ethnic blues’ are woven around slightly odd time signatures & poly-rhythms while some other tracks like ‘colors of rain’ & ‘casino nights’ etc are simple in structure & slow tempo types, to add a relaxed & laid back sort of a feel to the album. Overall, these are all easy listening soft guitar tracks with a very raw & real sound, recorded with just acoustic (& sometimes only clean electric) guitar tones without any use of processors, pedals, or effects. Just in order to categorize it, one could say it falls under the ‘World Music’ genre.
The album has following 9 tracks on it -
(1) Holy child 2:34
(2) Freedom 3:55
(3) Tom & Jerry days 1:05
(4) Lost in the rhythm 2:05
(5) A new beginning 2:58
(6) Ethnic blues 2:47
(7) Casino nights 2:12
(8) Her dad is a cop 2:36
(9) Colors of rain 4: 12
you could also listen to the whole album by online streaming from my myspace account -
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