ive had an sg for about a year now and have been having trouble with my 3rd string. it seems no mater what it will not stay in tune, and the rare instances that it does is gets messed up past like the 7th fret. at first i thought it was an intonation adjustment but that didnt really help at all. does antbody have any ideas what is wrong with it? is it my truss rod?
If it's messed up past the 7th fret and not prior to it then there must be an intonation problem. As far as the string going out of tune goes you'll most likely have to file out the slot in the nut for the G to better fit your string gauge. There is also a possibility that the tuner for that string is loose and needs to be replaced or that the bridge slot is rough and needs to be recut. You can first try rubbing some lead shavings from a soft pencil into the nut slots to keep them from binding (the "lead" is actually graphite which lubricates the slots keeping the strings from binding). If that doesn't work, since you mentioned attempting to fix the intonation, you may need to bring it in to a guitar tech or luthier to fix/replace the nut. Sometimes if you have old strings you may be able to replace them to fix the problem (the intonation being off), but if it's only one string and it keeps going out of tune rather than simply being poorly intonated you're probably looking at a trip to a tech/luthier unless you have needle files and a good hand at woodworking.
maybe try getting strings with that string wound?
ive allways had problems with that string, but is usualy just tunes bad/out of tune faster than everything else, it doesnt realy bother me much tho.

the 7th fret thing could be internation, or could be string hight maybe, pics might help.
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the G string is always the one to go out of tune due to the placement of the machinehead,
well for me it is :P
i always catch it on stuff :P
The G always goes out of tune because of it's heavy gauge and the fact it's un-wound (not much friction).

Try a new set with a wound G. This should fix a lot of problems.

Sounds like you also have a bit of an intonation problem. Fix that or have a tech do it.

Don't touch the truss rod. At all.

These should fix the problem almost completely (almost, because tuners aren't perfect either).