So i was reading the crusades, and learning about the major and minor scales. I know the formula behind them and how to form them. I want to find out how do you guys remember the scales. E.g. i'm playing in C major and want to switch quickly.
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To remember them in terms of notes:

Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle (sharps)
Battle Ends And Does Goes Charles' Father (flats)

C Major has no sharps or flats, so

F(ather) has 1 flat
C(harles) has no sharps or flats
G(oes) has 1 sharp
D(own) has 2 sharps etc

And for Flats

Bb(attle) has 2 flats
Eb(nds) has 3 flats
Ab(nd) has 4 flats etc

Obviously you need to know the notes of the neck pretty well too for this to help.

In addition to that, know them in terms of steps (WWHWWWH) and intervals - and know how to find those intervals on the neck, and you should be able to find your way around pretty easily.