Hi everyone i'll be brief so here's my problem:

|E - - - 7p5 - - - |
|B 13(t) - 8p7p5 |

How can i play this little lick because if i tap on 13 i take a lil bit to pick the pull-off 7-5 any help on how this is done correctly?
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Quote by chuckmehh
tap 8 on e instead...it's the same note

This is likely the best option. After that, the motion is quite simple.
Yep, and you'll come across quite a few tabs like this - get used to transposing notes around different strings and frets (ie. like when you're tuning, a 5th fret string - except of course when tuning B, where you use 4th fret G - the next open string sounds the same, and are the same note, and this works all the way along the fret board, so 6th fret would sound the same as 1st fret of the string above).