I wrote a chord tab in notepad perfectly with the chords over the right words and even when I previewed it before submitting it it was still right but now that it's been accepted all the chords are off. Does it have to do with the font? I use Courier New in notepad. Should I be using the font that they use on the site? If so, what is it?
Thanks for any help!
Courier New is one of the fonts that has all characters with equal width.
This should provide normal alignment.
Any of these fonts should align correctly:

Courier New
Lucida Console
Lucida Sans Typewriter
MS Mincho
OCR A Extended

Could you post a link to the tab?
It doesn't show on your profile, so it's probably waiting for approval in the TPA.
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They align correctly when I make them but the font that they show up as on the tab page is not Courier New. That's why I'm thinking if I find what font that is then I can write it in that font and when it's put on the site it wouldn't change, but I could totally be wrong.

EDIT: Nevermind, I was using Opera which must have changed the font. When I switched over to Firefox and Safari it was fine.
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