i took some pictures of how i feel comfortable holding the guitar neck but i watched alot of videos on youtube and alot of them saying that this is the wrong way of holding the guitar while playing and i wanted to know if this is actually true.
if you are trying to strangle the neck there is absolutely nothing wrong with it

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The pad of your thumb should be pressing against the back of the neck.
thumb position moves with different shapes ur hand makes, a root position what be about half way down the back, but for some chords like D my thumb tends to creep over the neck naturally

basically you do what you feel comfortably, but if u feel its restricting you that is when u should study a new position
I taught myelf to play and had to unlearn that posture myself cause it was not only cramping my hand, it was also limiting my abilty to stretch my fingers out across the frets.

Bring your thumb more around to the back of the neck , and allow for what chord your playing.
there should be a very definite gap between your hand and the neck, makes for quicker fretting and sliding as well...try moving your elbow more inwards (closer to your chest), that should give you room to get that arch on your hand and be comfortable...
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ok thanks guys. but when my thumb is at half way i find it hard to change chords when doing so and find it easier to change chords in that position in the picture. so what u suggest i practice slower with my thumb half way down the neck until i get comfortable with it?
I'm with you. I hold the neck exactly the same way. I find it uncomfortable and my hand cramps up when I hold it "properly" with the thumb on the back of the neck. I do have the "proper" position when I play barre chords, but I don't think it could be played otherwise.

And I've never felt limited because of this whatsoever, though when I play solo riffs and what not, I switch often between the two grips. But for open chords, I definitely use the same position.
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If you feel confortable with it go for it... it's all about what feels right to you.

Nothing is wrong with getting used to both postures.
I sometimes learn new chords just to get my muscle memory training onto something else. NO reason to let my brain and muscle memory be idle when I could be using it.

As another said the bar chords is when you will use that posture alot, also when your spaning across more frets. I would image you would get used to it ( just as I did ) The more barring you do. It in fact will make it easier to switch chords and for easier playing all together.