Well I finally got my RG321MHMOL, sweet looking guitar, plays awesome. After setting it up (I lowered my action, set the inotation, lowered the pickups, and getting it in tune) it played good. Was getting a lot of fret buzz, so I had to raise the action a little and readjust my pickups. now she plays awesome

Except for the the B string, which to me sounds to me to be lifeless, It just doesn't sound right. I almost sounds like when you fret a note but your finger is ever so slightly over the fret, you hear the note being played but is has no life to it. You move you finger back up the string like a millimeter and all sounds well and good.

I think that the action on that string is still to low and when I fret that string it touching another fret somewhere, but what's weird is that it does not buzz at all.

Any ideas?

Could it be my pickups? Need to be adjusted more. They are the Ibanes INF3 in the neck and INF4 in the bridge. I have them about a half inch below the strings , but in the directions it says that I can adjust each magnet on the pickup individually.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks in advance
Nick F
I'd start with new strings. Even if guitar is brand new.....

If that doesn't help, or you already did...

Test the string with the guitar unplugged.
Can you hear the same thing with that string?

If YES, it's NOT the pickups...
If NO, perhaps the pickups are actually too close to the strings.
Check the owners manual for the correct distance the pickups should be from the strings.
1/2 inch actually sounds a little bit close to me..
This could be a problem because Pups are magnets, and if too close to the strings, can deaden the strings vibration (and cause fret buzz).

OH, Happy New Gear Day.

We need picks or it's a Warlock...

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With the string depressed at the 24th fret you should have about 3 - 4mm between the strings and the pup's. Without the string depressed it will be closer to 1/2" gap.