Hey Pit. I'm thinking dressing up as the Riddler for Halloween this year so I figured I'd ask for a few tips.

The first immediate problem I've come across is finding a green suit. I'm still looking around but I'm not having any luck so far. Any pointers on where to look in the UK?

The second thing - assuming I find a suit - is basically just colour coordinating and stuff like that. Should I go with a black or white shirt? Purple tie or cravat?

The rest is stuff I already have set in my head like purple gloves and buttons as well as a standard pair of black shoes and the obligatory green bowler.

So, any other tips from the pit? Any details I've missed or other pointers? Cheers in advance.

EDIT: Also forgot to add that I'll most likely wear purple eyeshadow or whatever instead of that mask thing.

AND AGAIN: Completely forgot about the cane. Is this worth even worrying about or should I just forget it? I'd like it to complete the costume but meh. I imagine this being kind of awkward to get right.
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Green thin shades. Dye your hair deep red. Paint ?s all over your suit.
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Topman have a pretty nice green suit. Expensive though.

Black shirt and purple cravat, black boots. Don't wear a green hat, you won't be able to get one in a matching green.
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check around thrift stores, i was the riddler a few years back and i was actually able to find a perfect green suit jacket and pants for $8. then just a white collared t underneath, purple tie, add ?'s accordingly, and you have pretty sweet looking riddler costume
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Where was that taken? In brum? I went to see him with my friend and that part was ****ing hillarious
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I was there!!!!

Where was that taken? In brum? I went to see him with my friend and that part was ****ing hillarious

I don't know where it was i found the picture online, i only saw the dvd of it. Nice to see more of us brummies on ug.
I was going to be the Riddler, so no I won't help you steal my idea!

Seriously though, I'd love to help but I have to go to class. If this thread's still active when I get home then I'll help.
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White suit + Green clothes dye = Ridler
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^^ I was thinking of the dye idea actually. Though I don't really see it turning out as well as I'd like.

Maybe I could make my own. I mean I do have like 7 and a half weeks to learn.