I am looking at buying a 2009 mim strat because it feels awesome. i tried practically every guitar in GC and kept coming back to a mexi standard with maple neck.

I read in the forums and the GC guy told me that fender made a laundry list of changes and upgrades to the 2009 standards

mainly out of curiosity... can anyone tell me, or point me to where I can find a list of the specific upgrades?

thanks and I'm excited to finally upgrade my axe
Umm, to be honest, it's just the looks really. They've tinted the neck so it's more vintage looking, its changed the headstock decals, moved the serial number to the back of the headstock, put on a parchment pickguard rather than white, and yeah.

Same pickups and all that jazz though.
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Huh, I never knew they made any changes.
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Actually also the pickups and hardware have been upgraded as well. Better tuners, heavy bridge block, etc. However though better than the previous stuff they are not great either. Better than before and totally acceptable though. As soon as I got my 09 MIM I changed all the hardware except for the bridge and swapped all the electronics. It will outplay a USA Standard now. Doing the same to my MIM Tele as we speak.
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see everyone sais... ummmm this was changed and umm.. like the bridge n ****... i read somewhere else that the neck was changed to be faster(I really liked the neck).

is there an official list or something somewhere? I WANT STONE COLD FACTS!