Hi I have a m 200 fm and i was going to sell it but since no one wanted to buy it for now i decided to use it but the guitar has some thing i dont like and i want to modify it. First the guitar has a floyd rose. I want to make it fixed with pieces of wood. Also the tone knob which is also a coil tap is kinda slanted and the coil tap sometimes activates itself. So i was thinking about changing it with another thing maybe a booster or something like that. Also the body is agathis tree which is kinda cheap so maybe i will put active pickups to have a better tone.What are your opinions about it what can i do with it? Please give some advices on what could be done. thanks.
sounds like alot of money going into a relatively crappy guitar. the coil tap to boost wont work, a boost requires a chip that you need to put in the body, which will most likely require you to cut out a hole for, and also needs a battery to run. active pickups probably wont boost tone that much, as it works on the same principle of passives where most of the tone comes from the body.

the coil tapped pot should be easy enough to replace if bent however, look for push pull pots on stewmac.com or guitarelectronics.com
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