Hey guys, I've got a no-name tele copy that was a bargain from ebay and I'm itching to tear it apart and make something special.

Ideas so far:
Reverse headstock
DIY sustainer in place of neck pup
Tele sized blade humbucker in the bridge
Wired both coils/out of phase/single coil on the 3-way switch
Single vol control, No tone control

Any comments, ideas or advice would be appreciated

reverse headstock would require a completely new neck, so check to see if its a bolt on.

DIY sustainer? i dont see why it wouldnt work but why not just buy like, a fernandes system for teles?

the electronics wiring need certain pickups so make sure you know what youre buying when you get them. otherwise everything looks do-able.
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Its a bolt on lefty so I'd just throw on a righty neck.
I was looking at buying the sustainer kit but decided I could probably make something similar for a fraction of the cost and be able to use an old tele pickup for it. This would avoid any hassle with modifying the pickguard.
(Also it would be super-sneaky and look stock SHHH!) lol