Ok, I have been playing guitar for about 4 years now, I am all set on guitars I would say, I do own an American HSS Strat, I am looking at amp's, my current amp is a Super Champ XD which is actually an amazing practice amp, I was in a cover band for a bit, and the drummers father let me use his twin Reverb. now the band is no more, and I am looking to start/join another band, my budget I would say is 500 I love the clean tone of fender amps and am just an all around Fender guy. any suggestions on an amplifier for around that price, enough to gig with. if all else fails whats a great amp that would fit a fender type sound
Fender Blues Jr?

I don't know how much they cost in the US though.
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I do realize you say you want fender, but try some vox amps. they've also got lovely cleans.

I use an AC15CC1 for smaller gigs, and it's got lovely cleans.
If willing to go used, you should be able to find a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe in that price range.

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