You think you've got it easy
But that's just in your head
Here you are behaving sleazy
When it's your little man who's dead

You gotta get some air (air)
Boy, you gotta get some air

Ya drink ya bottle o' booze
Reminisen of lost years
Turn up those f***in' tunes!
Come on boy, this ain't worth those tears

Ya gotta get some air! (air)

Ditch that sl*t whos leechin'
stand up and be a man
listen to what i'm teachin'
and heed mah helpin' hand

You gotta get some airrrrr

I'm feeling rather indifferent to the chorus. I'm not sure if it fits with the rest of the song. Perhaps getting air is like clarity and thinking clearly about the situations these people are in. I pretty much busted out the chorus without thinking while writing it.

It goes with quite a fast beat. If anyones familiar with Nick Caves - shes leaving you.
kinda like that.

What are your thoughts?
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