Hey guys, So im looking into purchasing a hollowbody guitar eventualyl and was wondering what pickups I should look into.

The reason i want a hollowbody is because i love the sound of an electric guitar when its not plugged in and wanted to emulate that sound with pick-ups. Basicaly I wanted to see if there was a way to use my electric hollowbody plugged in while still maintaining the effect of playing unplugged.

My original thoughts were using a acoustic pick-up (one that would be set int he sound hole of an acoustic guitar) and mounting that inplace of the stock electric pick-ups.

To be honest Im not that great with guitar gear and accessories and am pretty lost when deciding on what to choose or whats even possible.

Hopefully you guys can help me out a bit and point me in the right direction, thanks advance .
just one thought. There are pedals that make your electric sound acoustic that work quite well. Boss makes one for example