Hi, I've decided to buy new pick-ups for my les paul . I have EPIPHONE - Les Paul - STUDIO. I have to humbuckers - classic with AlNiCo magnets. I'd like to have a more clear sound (being able to hear every single tone in a chord) , both with distortion and undistorted. I like to play jazz and rock, so I need pick-ups that can do both of these.
I have the opportunity to buy from ebay and my budget for both of them is around 200$ give or take. Thank you for any recommendation!
Well to hear all notes in a chord clearly you'll need a tube amp first , a good one
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What kind of amp do you have? Pickups are important. But I would say your amp is much more important. The speaker in that amp too.
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What kind of amp do you have? Pickups are important. But I would say your amp is much more important. The speaker in that amp too.

Yeah, if you're a beginner, you may want to look at an other amp before changing pickups. Usually you catch the changes in tone and sound quality more easily by switching amps than p'ups... If your amp is of bad quality, or more fit for beginners (like the MG or Spider series), you won't notice any difference after changing your p'ups; that will probably end up being a waste of money...
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It was a bit cheap. Do you think there's no reason for changing the pickups?
I heard something about a box that can make a transistor combo into a tube one, should I consider buying stmg like that? thanks for your reply's , I appriciate it.
Assuming you have a decent enough amp for the job, Iron Gear Rolling Mills would be a good choice. Sure, you have to get them from UK, I expect, but at the price it would still be less than half your budget.
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New amp. Most definitely.
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