Hi to everyone!!
I'm the guitarist of an italian band, we called ourselves Acustika and we started playing our music!
That's all what's about! We are very simple people, we started playing commercial music in pubs and we got lot of compliments from the people who came to see us.

To play in great and important pubs we need a demo, but actually we ran out of money..we can't afford a studio recording!

So, we tried to record ourselves with a digital camera, a Samsung L110.

We actually are satisfied of the result, because with those economic means (our hands, voice, 2 guitars and a camera) it sounds to us that we can actually play well without any trick or professional equipment.

What do you think? here's a link


Feel free to write comments, suggestions and to vote directly in youtube too, even if you want to say bad things: to us, critics are what help you to become bigger!

After commenting, please also suggest us other economic ways to record ourselves, because in fact live we are much more good than this video..the quality it means a lot in a record, it can shows a bad band as a good one, or the other way, a good band becomes bad!!

Thank you for reading, and sorry for my bad english!!
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Write your own songs
Play those in not-so great and important pubs
Save the money you make
don't know how it works there, but in Italy you must register yourself to the "SIAE" so you can save your own songs from stealing!But that costs a lot too, and it's really risky to play a good new song without registration yet :-(
Great singing , good guitar playing. There is actually nothing I could think of to improve.

Another way to record is to put a microphone in the middle of the room and put it into a pc it usually gives better sound than cameras . You could also record every part separatly and then mix it. You just sing alone then the 1st guitarist records his part and then the 2nd one you can then mix it using software but you all have to keep the same tempo.
A better way is to buy a special thing that you can plug into a pc and microphones for each guitarist and the singer and that would be good enough for a demo.
But I don't know much about this my band just records with a camera too ,we are looking for something better. Someone else will explain this better than me.
I would imagian that the best way to record tracks would be to record each individual instrument part with a quality mic, record it into a decent recording program, and then mix them into a nice mixer program. Thats if you dont have a studio, which is what most people on UG do with their original and cover recordings. Alot of it sounds pertty good.
nice advice ethan, but the problem is always the same, money! Good mics costs more than 200 €, and everyone told me that record with a shure sm58 isn't so good (and in fact it's true, we already tried it)!We solved problems of the guitars by using my zoom g9.2 tt plugged with the usb cable directly in the computer, but the voice is still a big problem!

What do you think of the unplugged version we posted on youtube?
I would use a clone sm57, there like $50, I forget where to find them, but just search the internet, I've found a tone of good mics under $50, but to me live mics make the best recording mics.

I listened to the video, its very good, I liked it, but micing each individual instrument and mixing them together will sound so much better than the camera mic. I would like to hear your songs if you get them better recorded, because the lyrics are very moving, and the voice is great, very unique.
wow, thank you very much
The lyrics are great because they are cover of 2 great bands (in my opinion) Nickelback and Oasis, but our singer is truly a good one!
Ok, we will try to record ourselves in a better way!But tell me, where should we plug the mic?we must buy an external sound card already amplified?because we tried to put the mic in the mic output of the computer by using an adapter hoping for a miracle, but it didn't function!
Yeah, this might cost some money, but its worth it, I think its called a Line 6 Pod xd or something to that effect, I cant recall right now, but its kinda like a DI box, but it goes into your computer and into the Line 6 recording software, I'm sure theres better, but what you can also do is download the free software Reaper, Buy a DI converter box, buy a 1/4 in to 1/8 inch chord and mic your amp or whatever your recording though the DI box into your computers mic in input and that should give you a good sound. If I had the money I woudl do that, but I dont have $100 lying around. You can ask around, but thats the best way I can think of to record with some quality.

But you have to find your mic in, or use your usb ports, I dont know if they make a 1/4 in to usb, I would imagian that they would.
Hey, this sounds pretty good. The guitar playing was very nice. Very tight, good phrasing and all that. The vocals are good, but watch the pronunciation. You've got a bit of an accent and you mess up the lyrics a little here and there. Very good nontheless. I like the rawness of your voice, eventhough it's a little misplaced in Wonderwall.
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don't know how it works there, but in Italy you must register yourself to the "SIAE" so you can save your own songs from stealing!But that costs a lot too, and it's really risky to play a good new song without registration yet :-(

Well, for one there must be some kind of protection as long as you keep documentation of the music you write you should be ok.

second, i doubt people will be at your show to steal your music right off of you. It takes a little more than 1 listen in a pub where the sound quality is less than ideal. Also what are the chances that someone will catch all of your lyrics write them down, figure out your chord progression and nuances to replicate your song.

Great voice there.

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Here's the myspace too, check it out! ^^


Chaosinborn you are pretty right, but getting bigger with own songs means also to promote them by putting them in youtube, myspace, and send them as demo..and then it would be a piece of cake to steal interesting riffs and melodies..well, without protection i don't feel too sure myself

I checked your band, nice job!! It's not my genre, but i recognize that the riffs are well made..nice recording too!! Pretty good job!
get a mbox 2 pro tools :P
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