This is one of the many projects that I'm currently working on, and one I feel strongly for. I've had this particular piece for around a year or so, and recently decided to continue it. Although the song is a work in progress, I wanted to take the opportunity to gather some opinions on the songs direction, and what feelings/emotions the song conveys.

This song is intended to be an instrumental, but there is also a tendancy towards adding vocals. This is uncertain at the moment.

The image included in the zip folder is to give an idea of the titles inspiration.

All comments will be greatly appreciated, and kindly returned. A completed version of the piece will be posted later after some close review of the songs direction.


Thankyou Elise for inspiring me everyday.
Orchestration of the Tail Light Dancers.zip
I just don't like the introduction but the chorus sounds really interesting. Hope to listen to it finnished.
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That was really really good, too good actually. Please continuing to write this piece.
That's pretty wild, dude. I'd like to see where it goes.
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This is really good, dude. Pretty genre defying. I have nothing negative to say. I also don't know what you should do next with it.... I know that eventually it will need epic key changes. And eventually bringing in horns at the right moment will be sweet.
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Thanks to everyone for your opinions, I appreciate it. I'm glad that you enjoy it so far. To Macabre_Turtle, I'm glad that you mentioned "genre' defying. I do try and stay out of the box as much as possible and add some personality to my music. It's great to see it shows.

Also as for the direction of the piece, it's something I will definately look into, and I'm sure there will be a powerful key change down the track in it. Only time will tell

Thanks again, I value all your opinions.
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That was really really good, too good actually. Please continuing to write this piece.

^Note: Probably sarcastic
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