Grade 8 doesnt mean you've learnt every guitar technique etc

he's just placing his right hand instead of his left on the strings to create the harmonic, and plucking the strings with his left hand's fingers.
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I have no idea how to do that, but it is awesome, and would love to know, so I offer you a shameless bump
its basically a natural harmonic done incredibly well. his hand is just grazing the strings as he hammers them on/pulls them off. (is what it looks like, i could be wrong)

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Basically you play like a harmonic scrape with your hand.
You can do this by playing a legato run on the G string ,hammet on the 2nd fret and the the 4fth fret and then pull off to the open string ,as your fretting hand does this ,take one of your right hand fingers and lightly run it down the G string by your pickups to get interesting sounds.
It's natural right hand harmonics. He's sliding his right hand down the neck and plucking at the E and A string with his left hand.
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