I have a standard hover bridge idk what the actual name is but i want to know what the best prefrences are for bridge height and action, ect. any help would be greatly apreciated ps i want to know how many rotations i should do on the humbuckers
well this is a pointless thread. the action should be how u want it, the pickup hight should be how u want it, no point us telling u
Im not sure what you are actually asking, but if you mean what should your set up be then it really depends on what your music level is and what you feel is comfortable

Low action means you dont have to press donw on strings as much to sound a note but this can result in fret buzz. And if by "hover bridge you mean floating tremolo then you dont want your action to low or your pickups too high as if you pull up on the whammy bar the strings could hit a lower fret or the humbuckers if they are too high

To check if strings are to low adjust them to a height you may like and play each fret 1 strng at a time you will surely hear any buzz if there is any

you could also take it to a guitar shop and ask for "set ups"