Hey guys,
ive got my b-day in a few days and want to buy a new gutiar from the money i will get.
So it MUST have got Humbuckers!
The Price Range is up to 300€ not more...200€ would be excellent.
I know thats not so much money for a guitar...but im not rich u know.
Currently im playing a Stratocaster and want to get more heavier and want to step up to my next level in skill.
Im lookin forward to buy the Ibanez SA120EX-SV. Ive played it in a store and it feels and sounds great.
I play any style of rock, from indie, to classic, to metal(-core).
You got any ideas which are better or more recommendated to me?
For that kind of money why not just get a Yamaha Pacifica - it's a killer guitar for the price

What kind of rock do you play? Pink Floyd progressive rock, or AC/DC Hard Rock?
There will be zero tolerance
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There will be zero tolerance
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Its more the sound of a AC/DC-ish classic.
Wouldnt it be cheaper to put humbuckers into my Strat? I mean...its the same body etc.